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We pride ourselves on delivering expert lawn and landscaping services in Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding areas, ensuring every client enjoys the beauty and benefits of a well-maintained outdoor space.

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Choose Rooted Lawn & Landscape for unmatched lawn care and landscaping expertise. Our skilled and experienced team is committed to elevating the aesthetic and utility of your outdoor areas. Serving both residential and commercial clients, we provide a comprehensive list of services, ranging from routine lawn care to sophisticated landscape design and installations. Call us at (317) 562-0493 to discover our offerings and learn how we can transform your space together.

Lawn Mowing

Our premium lawn mowing service not only perfects your grass cut but also ensures sharp, clean lines and precise edging along driveways and walkways. We meticulously clear clippings from hard surfaces for a neat appearance.

Property Maintenance

Our property maintenance service helps safeguard the integrity and aesthetics of your property. We carefully remove debris and leaves from all outdoor areas, ensuring your property remains pristine and welcoming.

Landscape Design & Installation

Our landscaping services are designed to bring your outdoor oasis vision to life, enhancing both its charm and functionality. We expertly select and arrange plants, construct pathways, and install trees & shrubs to create a harmonious outdoor living space that reflects your style and needs.

Spring/Fall Cleanup

Our spring and fall cleanup services are crafted to rejuvenate your lawn & landscape, ensuring they remain vibrant and healthy through the changing seasons. We thoroughly remove leaves, branches, and any debris that has accumulated, promoting a clean environment for your outdoor space to flourish.

Snow & Ice Management

Our snow & ice management service is designed to ensure your property remains safe and accessible throughout the winter months. We proactively manage snowfall and ice accumulation, employing the latest techniques and equipment to efficiently clear driveways, sidewalks, and parking areas.

Lawn Installation

Our new lawn installation service is planned to transform your property with lush, vibrant grass that enhances its appeal and vitality. We utilize cutting-edge methods and high-quality seeds to guarantee a lush, dense lawn right from the start.

Leaf Cleanup & Removal

On each visit, we diligently clear away all fallen leaves, twigs, and any outdoor clutter that can detract from the aesthetic and well-being of your lawn and landscape.

Mulch Delivery & Installation

Our mulch delivery and installation service is specifically designed to enhance the health and appearance of your landscape areas. By incorporating mulch, we help regulate soil temperature, retain moisture, and reduce weed growth, providing your plants with an optimal growing environment.

Tree & Shrub Installation & Maintenance

Our tree and shrub maintenance and installation service is crafted to bolster the health and beauty of your landscape. With an expert team experienced in arboriculture, we offer everything from strategic planting to routine trimming, ensuring your trees and shrubs thrive and enhance the aesthetic of your property.

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